Reaction Paper #1 & #2 (150 points)

Both of your reaction papers will be written using the American Psychological Association (APA) style and format, 6th edition. You will start by selecting one movie from the list provided below. In the first reaction paper you will discuss certain aspects of the movie that relate to the topics in your textbook that are covered during the first 7 weeks of class. Your paper will analyze one or two characters from the movie based on some of the topics found in these chapters. The second reaction paper will be a continuation of the first reaction paper, further relating your characters to topics in your textbook that will be covered during the last 7 weeks of class.

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Your first reaction paper will consist of a title page, abstract page, reference page and 2-3 pages of the analysis of your characters. Your first paper will include at least 6 cited references: 3 cited references to pages from the appropriate chapters, as well as 3 cited references (relating to those same chapters) from academic journals, books, or professional internet sources such as the American Psychological Association, or the Association for Psychological Sciences, (These sites provide references to appropriate articles that you may use in your paper.)

Your second reaction paper will be a continuation of your first paper using the same characters from the movie you selected, but you will now relate your characters to topics found in chapters covered during the last 7 weeks of class. For this second paper, you will adda minimum of 3 cited references from the appropriate chapters in your textbook and add at least 3 more references from academic journals relating to these same chapters.

Your final paper will have a minimum of 6 cited references for your textbook and 6 cited references from other sources such as academic journals, books, or other credible web sites such as APA.

Your final paper will consist of a title page, abstract page, reference page and an analysis of the movie based on the topics in the book – approximately 7-9 pages total.

Because writing is a process, I will provide you with feedback along the way to your final paper. This feedback should be used to make corrections/additions to your final paper. Your first paper with feedback must be handed in with your second paper. Check the tentative calendar for due dates.


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