Altruism Versus Egoism Debate assignment help

Please review several classmates’ posts and respond to at least two classmates’ initial posts. Each response must be to a student whose post consists of an opposing argument to yours. That is, if you are assigned to argue in favor of altruism, you must respond to one student who argued in favor of egoism and one who argued in favor of “somewhere in the middle of altruism and egoism.” Your responses should challenge your classmates’ arguments using the research you found to support your argument.

1st Latanya Dye:

Altruism Versus Egoism Debate

Altruism is a subject that is well known today. There are some that believe that individuals do have motives of altruistic behavior. However, there are also some who believe that individuals do not have motives of altruistic behavior. When altruism is mentioned, many believe that individuals do have an altruistic behavior because we as humans only have the nature do what is best for ourselves at that time. Some altruistic acts that have been done by individuals may seem as though they are acting without any motives of personal interest. However, the interest may not seem this way because the motives are due merely for real or symbolic reasons, internal or external reasons, (and or) material or spiritual reasons (Dibou, T. (2012p5). When it comes to Egoism, an Individuals conscious actions are believed to be because of the motives developed from the individual’s self-interest (I.E. P, 2016). It is believed that individuals should do whatever they need to do in their own interest that it is their moral right. However, an individual’s self-interest may not be of an interest to others (I.E. P, 2016).

Whether humans are capable of pure altruism (complete selflessness).

When it comes to altruism, we as humans are always going to be questioned about the motives behind our actions. It is believed that humans do in fact believe that they are capable of pure altruism. So Yes, I do believe that humans are capable of pure altruism (complete selflessness). (Pawlicki, S. (2015). I also have this belief cause of personal reasons. I have this belief because I find myself giving money to the homeless or helping the elderly etc., not because of symbolic reasons, internal or external reasons, (and or) material or spiritual reasons; but because it brings joy to the ones that I help.

Whether our good deeds are rooted in egoism (motivated by self-interest).

I do not believe that all good deeds are motivated by self-interest. According to (Sullivan, S & Pecorino, P (2002) although egoism states that individuals ought to and have the right to look after their own self-interest first; not all individuals have motives nor act on their own interest.

Whether human behavior falls somewhere between purely altruistic and purely egoistic.

Altruism behavior is believed to be the motives that individuals have due to their own personal interest and egoism is believed to be the motives of an individual due to their self- interest because it is their moral right. So, when the question arises if human behavior falls somewhere between purely altruistic and purely egoistic; It is believed that due to the facts given about both altruism and egoism behavior the answer is Yes, it is possible (Pawlicki, S. (2015).

The extent to which culture plays a role in altruistic or egoistic behavior.

Culture can play a huge role in altruistic and egoism behavior, to the extent that may cause the behavior of the individual to change, (Pawlicki, S. (2015) whether it is from self-interest or personal interest due to real or symbolic reasons, internal or external reasons, (and or) material or spiritual reasons.


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2nd Marie Baker


Egoism is a philosophical concept posting that self-interest is the primary aim of all students (Ruth, 2015). Altruism involves putting other people’s interest ahead of our own.

Psychological egoism is when we perceive to be in our own best self-interest and we are only motivated by what we believe will promote our interests. I believe everyone is an egoist because everyone always tries to do what will bring them satisfaction. Sometimes we are self-deceived about our motivation, which can be where you find selfishness. Egoists do things to achieve their desire (Shafer-landa, Russ ‘9’. The Ethical Life Fundamental Readings in Ethics and Moral problems. 2nd ed. New York: Oxford UP, 2010. Prosocial actions among strangers are more likely to be motivated by self-centered concerns (Maner, 2007).

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