What is the definition of mass media questions help

Answer each question as fully as you can. Most answers can be prepared in 2-4 sentences.

1. What is the definition of mass media?

2. Describe each of the six components of the Sender-Receiver model by giving an example of each these roles in action (ie: who/what is the sender, receiver, message, channel, noise and feedback). Of those six, which function in that model does the mass media serve?

3. Explain the difference between one-way and two-way communication? Which one describes mass media as we know it today in the modern digital age? How is this different from earlier forms of mass media?

4. Discuss the three classifications of media: Print, broadcast, and digital by giving an example of each.

5. Name three of the mass media industries that we have discussed this far. What about those three makes them part of the mass media? (Use the definition of mass media to guide you in answering this question.)

6. Explain what is meant by a “broadcast affiliate.”

7. What do the terms “vertical integration” and “message pluralism” refer to in terms of mass media? Why is this important to the public/consumers of media?

8. Explain why it is important to know that media are “profit-centered.” What is the relationship to profits and conglomerates?

9. Explain three unique characteristics of books as a mass medium. How has this medium adapted over time?

10. Explain three features of newspapers. How has this medium adapted over time?

11. Explain how radio use first began. Provide three features of radio that make it unique (different from print media).

12. What is the definition of “convergence” as it relates to mass media? Provide two examples of this convergence in today’s media environment.

BONUS QUESTION: Answer in at least one full paragraph

Why is adaptation so important to the mass media channels?

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