write a 5 to 7 page research paper

By now you have learned how marketers try to influence decisions to buy through research and targeting, creating the best offering for the customer, streamlining supply chains and choosing the right marketing channels.

In this module, we learn about the research and media, communications and public relations choices to help market a product. When you signed up for this class, you may have imagined that ‘marketing’ meant simply the advertising or communications about a product or offering. Now, you’ve learned that all the choices that lead up to publicizing, advertising or communicating about an offering influence success in the marketplace.

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Rather than having a wrap up test to earn points during this module, you’ll write a 5 to 7 page research paper on a marketing subject of your choice emphasizing and applying the integrated marketing communications, public relations and social media communications learnings in this module.

Marketing is ever-evolving. Many of today’s communications strategies weren’t even around just 5 years ago. Marketers have to adapt their methods to new technologies and reach audiences in new ways.

Choose and research a marketing-related subject, company, product or case study. Really, any subject that interests you and allows you to apply the learnings in these chapters and demonstrate critical, original thinking about our marketing studies. Again, the focus of the chapters 10 (research), 11 (integrated marketing communications and media), and 12 (digital marketing) should be explored as they relate to your chosen subject. How do these elements of marketing apply to your subject now? Or, feel free to explore how you would recommend they be applied and why.


Write a 5 to 7 page research paper applying the marketing background we’ve learned so far in class, and exploring Module 3’s new learnings.

Your paper should be double spaced, footnoted in any style you prefer, and, importantly, contain 2 citations from each chapter in Module 3, applying the learnings from these chapters to the material you are presenting. It must also contain citations/footnotes from two other sources in addition to the subject citation itself. For instance, if you choose to explore the success of a product’s new marketing campaign, let’s say, Chipotle, your source for background on Chipotle (their own website) would not be one of your two marketing sources, although it should be included in your citations. However a newspaper article on Chipotle would be considered an outside source, as would other news or academic sources. As always, Wikipedia is not considered an academic source.

This research paper should be well-written, contain no grammatical or spelling errors, and should contain (at the very least) an introduction including a thesis statement, 3 supporting sections, and a robust conclusion.

All writing should be original FOR THIS CLASS or cited from another source.

The paper will be submitted by the end of Module 3. Click on the link above to submit for grading.

Total Points: 260

Module 3 Paper


Is the paper the correct length, formatted as requested? Is it written with good grammar and punctuation appropriate to an academic environment? Is it error-free? 30
Does it contain 2 citations from each chapter in the module (9, 10, 11, 12) and two outside sources as well as any citations related to the core subject discussed? 100
Does it contain an introduction including a thesis statement, 3 supporting sections, and a robust conclusion? 30
Is the marketing subject full explored and related to our marketing learnings for this module? Paper should include critical thinking on the subject and demonstrate an understanding of how the chapter material applies to chosen subject. 100
Total Points: 260
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