social science research project proposal any topic asa format

I’m taking a class in social science research methods. This project is a research proposal for research on a topic of my choosing. Our professor is somewhat by the book, as in she values a proposal that shows thorough knowledge of the methods of research that we have learned. The assignment is broken up into 4 parts; an annotated bibliography and 3 (approximately) 3 page papers that help to explain different parts of the project. All of the necessary documents are attached. I was hoping to do research on the social effects that short hair has on a woman (ie. more respect? less catcalling?) but research on a topic similar would work too. Another idea may be the link between the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry (ie. in recent times, has the health crisis as a result of food significantly increased pharmaceutical company profits). I’m also open to other topics, just let me know. Reference the book for things regarding research methods. Page number may vary (less).

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