i need a 6 slide minimum ppt presentation on human impact on ecosystem 1

This is the second part of the course project. Begin by making any corrections required to Part 1. In the same presentation, create a slide titled “Part 2: Human Impact on Ecological Change” to indicate where Part 2 begins. Submit Parts 1 and 2 in Blackboard as a single PowerPoint presentation.

Consider that human activities can create both positive and negative changes on ecosystems. You might research deforestation, urbanization, agriculture, oil and gas mining, hydroelectric dams, and wind farms and how these affect the surrounding ecosystems and wildlife populations. Conversely, you might research the creation of wildlife refuges, national parks, and wildlife corridor projects that affect landscape patterns. Try to find a specific example of your chosen topic, and discuss the impact of the activities/project on local landscapes, ecosystems, wildlife, and human populations. Discuss both the benefits and the problems.

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Remember to use reliable sources on the Internet. There is a lot of misinformation out there and finding reliable information can be difficult. Be sure to cite your sources of information and any pictures/graphics that you use.

Your presentation must include the elements below.

  • What activity or project have you chosen to present? Why did you choose this activity or project? (Why is it important?)
  • Connect the activity/project to its impact on the environment and wildlife populations. (How does the activity/project use natural resources, disrupt habitat, or impact wildlife? Are there other effects on the environment?)
  • If available, report data and statistics (with references) on how this activity/product affects the environment.
  • What can people do to decrease the activity/project’s impact on the environment?
  • Are there any organizations actively engaged in the promotion or research of your chosen activity or product? If so, list them, and briefly describe their actions. If not, describe why you think that is and if you see opportunities to become involved in this area.
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