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Q: Annual performance appraisals have been a standard practice in most organizations for decades. There has been a significant shift in thinking and practice during the last few years.

For this discussion, write 3 paragraph post that states your POV about the value (or not) of performance appraisals and sites evidence from articles you find on your own to support your POV. You can also use personal work experience to support your POV.

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For example, a student wrote:
Annual performance appraisal ensures that all employees are performing their jobs to the best of their abilities. It is a way to recognize employees, along with motivating them to do better. From my own personal experience, I can most definitely say that annual performance appraisals are a great way to make an employee feel valued. Doing annual performance appraisals, provides an opportunity for the employee and manager to discuss job related performance and establish goals for improvement. It also benefits the management, as they get a chance to batter their employees, along with figuring out changes that could be made to help the employees. This in turn could lead to great outcomes for the company.

My own personal experience would be at Chase, where I receive annual performance appraisals every year. We usually have a quarterly report where the manager sets sales goals on products like credit/debit cards, opening new accounts, and getting people over to start some type of relationship with the bank, along with our performance. One of the most important goals that are set for us includes building relationships with clients and providing our best service to our customers. At the end of each year, we are given report on how much we have improved and if we have met our goals. Doing so helps us understand what we’re doing good on and the areas we need to improve on.

According to 7 reasons why you should be conducting performance appraisals more often, having performance appraisals have a huge impact on how satisfied, motivated and productive the employees are. It makes the employees feel valued, sets new goals, resolves grievances and strengthens bonds. The article states that, on a recent survey from the Society for Human Resource Management, it showed that 72% of organizations do annual performance appraisals every year. Personally, I believe annual performances are a great motivation, it helps an employee do better and improve on certain areas. I, myself thought it was very beneficial. Having a positive annual performance appraisal helped me realize how much I have improved and how much I was valued by my manager. I learned about my responsibilities better. I felt that I was on the right track, and therefore, I set goals for myself to be even better.

For personal work experience, I would like you to pretend that you work for a bank as well and use Bank of America as an example. Just like the students post above, state that bank of America has annual performance appraisals every year too. Briefly explain how the annual performance work, like the post above.

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