write an essay paper based on those informations

Term Paper

The term paper will require each student to demonstrate his or her knowledge and assimilation of investigative processes and crime scene processing theory, research, and practice, as presented in the readings and lectures. Students are expected to write one concise and succinct term paper of 10 to 12 double spaced pages (NOT INCLUDING title, abstract, and reference pages) without going over the 10-page maximum. These papers should synthesize major ideas and themes outlined in the readings and lectures and reflect critical analysis. For this project, students will choose a completed investigation that has been well documented in the media (Michael Jackson, Michael Vick, Martha Stewart, O.J. Simpson, Washington, D.C. Sniper Case, Oklahoma City bombing, etc.) and detail the entire criminal investigative process used in the case, ensuring to incorporate major ideas and themes outlined in the readings and lectures. The student will discuss the evidence in detail and argue both sides of the case (prosecution and defense) in two separate sections of the paper, making sure to base arguments on the available evidence.

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Minimum Format Requirements for the Term Paper

10 points for Content and Development (all relevant points are covered and thorough development of topic material)

10 points for Organization (a logical sequence is followed and organization of thought is apparent)

5 points for Format and Length (APA format, at least two references, and 10-12 pages in length)

5 points for Readability, Style, Punctuation, Grammar, and Spelling (good sentence structure, professional and academic vocabulary)

The following are some questions to be considered for understanding and assimilating the reading assignments:

  • What is the author’s thesis or major point he or she is trying to make?
  • What are the major assumptions the author makes (and expects you to accept) in arguing that thesis?
  • What are the implications for theory, research, and practice?
  • What are some important or useful concepts the author presents?
  • How does the reading relate to previous readings?
  • What are its strengths and weaknesses?

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