who can develop a total rewards plan

Assignment must address/include the following:

Total Rewards Plan (10%): Develop the 3-4-page total rewards section of the strategic plan for your organization. Be sure to demonstrate how this section of the plan supports the overall company mission, vision, and values.

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  • Include a statement of compensation philosophy as an introduction to this section of the plan.
  • What is included in total rewards for this organization? What are the priorities going forward?
  • How does the HR function approach and support these priorities?

Background info on Company to incorporate with paper:

Mission Statement: “We seek to enrich the lives of the children and their families throughout the community in which we serve. The Tapestry organization is steadfast in our goal to promote, develop and protect the well-being of the people around us.”

Vision Statement: “Our future depends on the right of every child to attain education, protection, and development. Our priority is to make sure that happens.”

Values Statement: The mission of The Tapestry is to take care of the welfare of children, regardless of economic status, mental or physical disabilities, and other potential disadvantages. Our main guiding principles include goodwill, community, awareness, compassion, support, teamwork, responsibility, and safety. The sole goal of the center is to ensure that children are protected, and their families are strengthened. Our value statement is that we will make decisions and perform services based on the wellbeing of the children and their families.

We aim to create a partnership with all people of interest to make sure that we keep all children safe while promoting their economic stability and ensuring that their families are thriving. It is our shared responsibility to inform the community of our purpose, how we can help, and guarantee our actions by being accountable and transparent. All interactions should be handled with respect and dignity. Each person is a valued member of the community and should be treated as such. Because of our values for proper stewardship we manage our finances efficiently and with accountability. We also support and bring to account all our works and contractors since their performance is essential regarding our success.

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