which level of government in canada should be dominant in your view the federal or the provincial level

you should read Canadian democracy ,eighth edition, stephen brooks —chapters 6,7,8,9 and 10

first and then

nitial posting (150-200 words)

Choose one question from the list of questions provided below and post a written response. Your posting is to be written logically with good grammar and structure.


  1. Which level of government in Canada should be dominant in your view, the federal or the provincial level?
  2. Should federal, provincial, and local governments in Canada strive for representative bureaucracies?

Response Postings (50–100 words each)

Read the postings of your classmates and respond to at least two postings. Present additional/alternate perspectives or, if you agree or disagree with them, explain why.

A quality comment should build on another student’s posting or add an additional point of view that references the text, course readings or some other reference material.

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