understanding service architecture

Understanding Service architecture.

In 1300 words, answer the following questions in APA format with three scholarly sources.

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Using research and your own experience, explain why reliance on legacy systems will limit the ability of an organization to adopt SOA on a large scale. What mitigation steps can be taken to help transition legacy systems to service orientation?Using research and your own experience, explain why the initial investment in using a SOA solution requires a high level of adoption to be worthwhile. What are the limitations of using SOA for short term software solutions instead of as a long-term commitment?Choose three of the goals from the SOA Manifesto (available at www.soa-manifesto.org) and explain how they could be fulfilled in a current generation (Web 2.0) Web service. What qualities of Web services allow each of these goals to be fulfilled?Evaluate the effect on Return on Investment (ROI) if a service is used for only one composition in a service inventory. How does this compare to the ROI for a single-use software system in traditional software development?

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