Theoretical Aspects of Conspiracy Investigations 1 Ethical Decision Making law homework help

Question 1

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Every officer faces decisions every day and ethics must always be part of his or her decision making process. This exercise will focus on various aspects of ethical decision making as a police officer, and how each might affect the criminal cases that officer has investigated or is currently investigating.

You obtain some information regarding a criminal that plans on committing a significant crime. You obtained this information by illegal means.

  • Is it okay to lie about how you obtained this information?Support your reasoning.

Question 2

You are a law enforcement officer working in a large agency. You frequently take paper clips, pens, copy paper, and batteries home for your own use.

  • Is this ethical? Why or why not?
  • Do you think a jury would be okay with an officer taking batteries home to use?
  • Could that behavior spark questions in a jurors mind about the officers’ ethics?

Question 3

You are a citizen. You often eat at a small restaurant in your neighborhood. The officers eat free at this establishment. This is a well known fact. How do you feel about this as a citizen?

Question 4

You are an officer. You show up at the restaurant listed in question 3 but do not know that officers eat for free. You ask for your bill at the end of the meal and are told that your meal is complimentary.

  • How do you as an officer feel about this?
  • What would you do when you find out the meal is free?
  • Would you continue to eat there?

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