You will be reading Chapter 7 of the textbook and an article titled “Demography of Aging in China and the United States and the Economic Well-Being of Their Older Populations” (found in the ProQuest database, in the Ashford University Library) to prepare for  this discussion. In addition, you will watch “Family Care for Aging Parents.”

In “Demography of Aging in China and the United States and the Economic Well-Being of Their Older Populations,” you are introduced to the roles of the family and government in the East as well as in the West. 

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Describe the differences and similarities you learned about in terms of the views on social responsibility when caring for a rapidly increasing older population. What are the reasons for these differences between the treatment of the aged in the West as compared to those in the East? Are those reasons more cultural or practical? Explain your answer. 

When looking at the role of family as a support system for the aging in later life, is there a social responsibility in the United States for family members to absorb some of the needs of their aging family members? Why or why not?

Your initial post should be at least 250 word

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