ryan posting I strongly feel that it is definitely possible for someone to flourish philosophy homework help

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I strongly feel that it is definitely possible for someone to flourish even when those around them are not flourishing. The person who has Eudaimonia is the person who has acquired the correct conception of the virtues, individually and as a whole, and as such, offers us an example of what kinds of moral choices should be made (Mosser, 2013). I feel this is true because that person out there may have this quality and will be able to teach others around them how they use their virtues. For example, my brother was always in trouble with the law when we were younger. I was always worried that my parents spent more time with his problems and never would pay attention to my successes or even problems. I was able to be very successful as a younger child and even today being in the military even though others around me are not doing as well as me. I have always been very thankful and blessed.

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