research paper on sustainable community

  1. This semester we have focused much attention on a variety of aspects associated with Climate Change including:
    1. Science
    2. Advocacy (For and Against)
    3. Politics
    4. Diplomacy
    5. The Role we play
    6. Economics
    7. Sprituality
    8. Poverty (week 8)
    9. Water Scarcity (week 9)
    10. Solutions (week 10)

    For your final assignment (worth 150 points, equal to 25% of your grade), identify a unique community struggle that deals touches on at least three of the course themes (i.e. Economics, Politics, Water Scarcity) and write a 10-page research paper discussing and analyzing the struggle. Your paper should include the following:

    1. Geographic description of this community – 15 points
    2. Description of the local climate (you can use temperature graphs and pyschrometric charts from Climate Consultant – Week 5 assignment) – 15 points
    3. Description of the individuals or leaders of this movement (there should be leaders or heroes to these stories) – 15 points
    4. Describe the goals of this struggle (what are the opposing, or what do they hope to accomplish) – 15 points
    5. Describe the obstacles or hurdles the community has had to deal with – 15 points
    6. Describe the outcomes or the struggle, or if this is a struggle in progress describe the current status of the struggle – 15 points
    7. (7.1) Create a blog – to be shared with the class – describing your paper or project – you will introduce these 10 elements to the group in your blog. (7.2) – Review and comment on the blogs of your classmates, at least two, more is better – 10 points for your blog, 5 points for commenting on the blogs of others
    8. Include graphics, photos, maps, satellite imagery (feel free to use NASA’s “Vital Signs of the Planet” from the week 1 assignment, if this helps describe the story – 15 points
    9. Provide an analysis of the community struggle. Do this after you’ve described the background and described what they are hoping to accomplish. How well is the group doing in to achieve its goals? What could they do better? 15 points
    10. Write a detailed conclusion describing what you learned from this story, and how it might impact your approach to dealing (actively or inactively) Climate Change – 15 points
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