personal reflection paragraph

Post to the “Personal Reflection Paragraph” topic in the week’s “Discussions and Activities” discussion.

Write a one-paragraph (4-6 sentences probably) response to this week’s course materials that applies the concepts in the reading/viewing to your own life and experiences, or to the life and experience of someone you know. You may cite an example from the news or television if you see something so compelling you have to include it, but be sure to include a personal reflection about why you found this example so compelling or how it spoke to you personally.

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  • These responses should cite the course materials directly. The best way to do this is to include at least one quote from the reading/viewing that deals with the concept you are discussing. Be sure to include a page or module number, or url for your quotes or other references to the course materials.
  • The examples you give from your life and experiences should be specific; when writing up your paragraph, imagine you are telling your story to a friend – what names, dates, places, or action details would you need to provide so that your friend could picture what you are talking about?
  • The most important part of this assignment is to explain how or why the concept in the reading connects to you personally.

You may choose any portion (or portions) of the week’s assignments to respond to.

Part 2 Women’s Studies

Respond to one or more of the questions based on the reading “Women’s Studies” from the International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences (link on Reading and To Do List and Class & Assignment Schedule) and the “Introduction to Women’s Studies” powerpoint found under “Content” → “Week One” here. You don’t have to answer them all!

You can change the subject of your response to make the conference more readable for everyone.

Remember to give specific reasons and/or examples as part of your answer. Be sure to include the page number (or Module number) for any direct quotes. If you quote the powerpoint, use an abbreviation of the title as your citation (ex: “Introduction”).

Based on this week’s reading and the powerpoint …

  1. What makes Women’s Studies an important addition to the college curriculum? What do you think should be the focus of Women’s Studies courses?
  2. Which of the goals and objectives of Women’s Studies do you think is most important? Why?
  3. Women’s Studies classes are most heavily enrolled by female students. What benefits would male students gain by taking Women’s Studies classes?
  4. Did anything surprise you about the history of Women’s Studies as an academic discipline?
  5. How do you think your college education will be different because of the development of feminism and Women’s Studies?
  6. Did the reading for this week change your mind about any preconceived ideas you might have had about Women’s Studies? How?
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