netflix case study pioc analysis overview and communication strategies

Prompt: Effective negotiations are designed with four key focus areas in mind: people, interests, options and criteria (PIOC). Focusing on these four variables assists in reaching a successful negotiation outcome, a key deliverable for this milestone. Refer to Module One for information regarding PIOC. Discussions on possible ZOPA and BATNA agreements should also be reviewed in the completion of this milestone.

In addition to submitting a draft of Section III: PIOC Analysis Overview, you will also include Section IV: Communication Strategies of the final project. Section IV asks you to consider the overt and tacit communication strategies that can be used during the negotiations, as well as their benefits and risks. These two sections should be revised, based on instructor feedback, and then submitted as part of your analysis and negotiation coaching recommendations for executive leadership final project, due in Module Ten.

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Specifically, your milestone submission must address the following critical elements:

III. PIOC Analysis Overview

  • Formulate appropriate phrasing for the CHRO’s opening remarks that separate the people from the problems. Your phrasing must be based on principled negotiation practices.
  • Identify case-specific negotiating positions and rephrase them as interests. In other words, Sharon Slade and Alice Jones’ ZOPA and BATNA positions should be referred to as case-specific negotiating interests. For example, one of Alice Jones’ possible ZOPA positions may be to obtain a 52-week severance package, during which her compensation and benefits continue through the severance period. This can be rephrased as an interest by adding Alice Jones’ rationale for this position: 52 weeks of severance allows for adequate time to find a comparable position as well as time for her family to relocate to a new geographic region. You have the option of using a table to illustrate each position and the appropriate rephrased interest (one row per position-interest).
  • Recommend options that can appropriately address the parties’ integrative interests. You will want to use the open, closed, alternative, and leading questions developed in the Module Five assignment to craft an integrative bargaining proposal. Feel free to consider potential creative options that my not be as common.
  • Identify objective criteria that can be used to measure distributive elements of the negotiation. Explain the reasoning for you choices.

IV. Communication Strategies

  • Identify examples of effective overt communication that could be used in this negotiation Explain the reasoning for your choices. For example, when hearing a proposal from the executive that would be risky from a human resources perspective, how would you respond? Why?
  • Identify situations where tacit communication is important to this negotiation. Provide examples of how you might use such communication at upcoming meetings. For example, if you are making an offer to the executive, what non-verbal cues can you provide to let him/her know the offer is final and you would not be open to negotiating further?
  • Contrast the benefits and risks of using overt and tacit communication methods with respect to this negotiation. For example, might one particular method be more appropriate than the other? Why?

In your submission, you should recommend options that address both parties’ distributive and integrative interests, using both overt and tacit communication prompts that could be used in the negotiation meeting by Sharon Slade.

Consider blind spots that Sharon Slade may have (but may not be aware of) and that Alice Jones may know. You will want to refer to our readings on the Johari window that address this issue. Be sure to address these potential blind spots when formulating the negotiating positions that you will recommend to Sharon Slade. Doing this will increase the likelihood of reaching and integrative, win-win negotiation outcome.

Guidelines for Submission: Your paper must be submitted as a three-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and at least three sources cited in APA 6th edition format.

Submit Milestone Two, which is the second of two milestones for the final project in this course. For this milestone, you will complete Section III: People, Interests, Options, Criteria (PIOC) Analysis Overview and Section IV: Communication Strategies of the final project.

Milestone Two should incorporate your work from:

  • Module Four Small Group Discussion: Five Communication Strategy Recommendations
  • Module Four Discussion: ZOPA and BATNA for Alice Jones
  • Module Five Discussion: Proxemics
  • Module Five Assignment: Questions for the Negotiating Session Textbook:The Hidden Rules of Successful Negotiation and Communication: Getting to Yes!, Chapter 6 (Sections 6.1–6.4, pp. 63–77, and Section 6.6, pp. 95–97)
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