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Project4 Duration—95 minutes

Situation: You are working in a software industry and a project has been initiated by your sponsor. You are authorized as a project manager for the project. The project is about developing a telecom application for billing purpose. It is for an external customer who is a telecom service provider. As part of the planning, you look into the quality related aspects. The application shouldn’t have more than five defects and from the project specifications point of view the SPI & CPI should be 1+/-10%.

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A. From the planning perspective, develop the following:

  1. Two sample subsidiary plans that are the output of a plan quality management process
  2. Two important documents that are the output of this process.—30 minutes

The development team develops the application as part of the execution and hands it over to the testing team. The testing team detects many defects during the monitoring and controlling phases. The defects are an outcome of lack of requirement understanding, inadequate developer skills, incomplete code coverage of unit test cases, and lack of good application designing, which is architecting. The team uses different tools to find the measurements and causes of the defects.

  1. Name the seven basic quality tools which are used under control quality process and briefly describe them.—30 minutes
  2. For the required SPI measurement draw the control chart. Here the specification limits are +/- 20%–10 minutes

The testing team reports the following defects against each category:

D. For the above table plot the 80/20 rule chart.—15 minutes

The Development team recommends corrective actions and raises a change request. CCB approves it and the team implements the corrective actions. The testing team does not find any defect during the quality control process. What is the main output of this process which will enable them to close the project? Write the flow from control quality to close project process.—15 minutes

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