media discussion board

1. In this weeks Course Content folder you can access a power point presentation with accompanying text to the “Media Circus: News Coverage of the 2016 Election, and Since” as well as the actual power point.

2. This is the “Your Brain on Trump” interview with George Lakoff on the Make Me Smart podcast. You can download the audio (listen from 17:50-33:50) or read the transcipt here: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

3. This is a brief youtube video of Robert Reich examining the relationship between Trump and the media:

Trump and the Media (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.Trump and the Media

What role did the media play in the 2016 presidential election (for full credit provide citations to all three sources); and what role do you see the media playing as we move through the Trump presidency?

Tips for Success:

  • I will be looking for direct references to assigned readings (author and page # citations are adequate). Again, this is an assignment in which I am looking for your ability to display your knowledge of course materials.
  • I recommend composing your content in an offline text editor and then copying and pasting in post. That way you will have an offline copy of all of your hard work!
  • You are required to reply to two of your peers in this forum; reply first to those students who have not had a lot of replies. In your replies, provide some thoughtful feedback on their ideas. Might you be able to help them understand the Federalist Papers or point them to helpful passages?
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