i need help to complete an introduction to experimental class paper

I am writing an experimental paper due tmm evening. So this is a true emergency, but I need good quality writers. I did the rest of the paper except this part, and my computer shut down on me. Point is I need someone who can help me complete my paper. I need to write an introduction to this paper and add the lit review. The paper needs 12 peer review studies/sources in total. The experiment for this paper was regarding short term memory, and if youre able to remember more words when they are related or associated with one another than when the words are not related. The articles would need to be pertaining to this short term memory, word association, chunking, etc. The experiment and again rest of the paper is basically completed just needs to be brushed up I just need help with introduction and incorporating the sources. Because you can add sources to discussion as you see fit.. If you have taken experiment then you understand the breakdown of this paper and would be a lot more helpful!! thank you .

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