history 2 10

Essay Topic:

From the “Mendoza” book. Comment on the following, using specific examples from the book: The Mendoza-Humphries rivalry is a window onto Birtish society at that time; the competition and its coverage in the newspapers and Gillray prints reveal much about the ideas, pracitces,and interests of the British public.

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Compare and contrast the above with two other historical eras covered in this class. For example, you may choose to compare the ideas, practices,and interests in public life of Mendoza’s Britain to those of Renaissance Italy, or those of Absolutist France, or those of Protestant Reformation societies, or those of Italy under Mussolini (as examples).

Sources: the textbook,the Mendoza book, and any other readings provided within this course if and when appropriate. This is not meant to be a research paper, rather it is an essay in which you are to make connections between historical events and movements. Make sure to cite your sources throughout your paper, including page numbers.

Length: 6 full pages to 8 pages, typed, double-spaced, 12 font.

Format Options:

If you submit your work Inline, I will be copying it into Microsoft Word and adjusting the font size to 12 to see the page length.

If you submit your work by attaching a document, use one of these file types only: .doc, .docx, .pdf, .wpd, .rtf


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