gt why are so many college students facing food insecurity and homelessness in the u s and what should be done about it

* Provide background and an overview of the issue at hand. In this section, you might introduce and summarize one of the texts you will most rely on in your paper or one that helps intr oduce background on the issue.

● Create an original and argumentative thesis and answers the prompt question.

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● WHY is this an issue?In this section, please educate your reader about why food insecurity and homelessness rates are so high among college students, especially in recent years. You might consider discussing the negative effects of hunger and homelessness on college students and reasons why this issue deserves attention. (You must move beyond “this is an issue because college students are broke.” This does not demonstrate a critical discussion of the issue.) Include sources to support your points

● WHAT should be done about it? In this section, please educate your reader about potential solutions to the problem. Consider programs that non

-profits, schools and other entities have already implemented. Also, feel free to discuss future solutions that are in the making and/or some of your own ideas. You might also consider whose responsibility it is to address this issue, and where funding should come from. Include sources to support your points

●Include a counterargument or alternative perspective. How could someone challenge or complicate this issue? What a re other perspectives on the topic? Do you have any critiques of the way people and organizations have already responded to this issue?

* In your conclusion, remind readers of your major points, and offer original insights on the importance of the topic at ha nd. Motivate the reader to continue caring about and thinking about this topic.

Other Requirements

•Audience: Write the paper as if addressing an educated reader unfamiliar with the topic and texts.

•Evidence :You must use at least 5- 6 credible sources to support your claims. At least two must be from the list of texts and videos I provided for this unit and at least three must be sources you found on your own.

You must incorporate ONE scholarly article from an academic journal; you can use the one from by Sulkowski or find

one on your own using the library database

. Adequately introduce and correctly cite a range of evidence (testimonies, statistics, historical anecdotes, expert opinions, etc.

Adequately and effectively comment on quotations and paraphrases, explaining their significance and how they support your claim.


Presentation: Edit your paper thoroughly so that sentences are readable and appropriate for an academic audience. Use proper MLA format, 8th edition, and include a Work Cited page.

•Underline your thesis

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