geology paper

Watch two movies, both “The Core” and “San Andreas” and write a two

page report for each movie describing what is geologically wrong and

occasionally right with the movie. Describe in detail the events you are referring

to in the movie and the geologic processes that make what occurs in the movie

impossible or unlikely to occur. Use your textbook and actual scientific articles to

support your information. You may use the occasional website provided the

website is a legitimate source such as NASA or the USGS (United States

Geological Survey). DO NOT use Wikipedia. Include a list of references, MLA

format preferred, but not necessary.

Writing style: This is a scientific paper and should be written as such. This means

avoid using first person when writing. For example, do not use phrases such as “I

think” or “In my opinion”. Base your paper on scientific fact and theory and

support with your references. Be sure to explain any geologic concepts clearly in

a way that anyone that reads the paper can understand what you are talking

about. Do not write about any aspects of the movie that are unscientific. You

may include scientific problems that are not geologically related, but do focus on

the geology

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