essay on death penalty min 900 words


You will have read material on the death penalty for this unit.  The essay  is based around this topic.  “What does the moral issue of capital punishment tell you about “what it means to be human???”  This will require some thought.   For this task to be complete, you must quickly the basic moral arguments for and against the death penalty…..that should take no more than half the essay.  Then you state what you think that argument tells you about what it means to be “human”……and for this section be sure to articulate why you think the way you do.  I will be making announcements explaining this task more fully as we get close to the start of this unit.  

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Your entry should be at least 900 words in length (at least 3 full pages)…..and no longer than 1200 words (4 full pages). This means you will be writing several “substantive paragraphs.” But remember that everything you post in this class is public. So no “true confessions,” please. As you do the task, remember that he writing must consist of complete sentences and must be as grammatically correct as you can be. Please, no “random typing”…..please. 


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