egyptian burial

Complete the text readings assigned for this module.

2. Watch the following segment on “Religious Cults and the Afterlife (Links to an

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external site.)Links to an external site.” [Video, 05:56 minutes] from the film “Ancient


3. From your readings, the film, and any optional outside research, compose a short

essay (two pages of double-spaced text) regarding Egyptian burial, which integrates

art into religious practices. For examples of tombs, use one of the Great Pyramids of

Old Kingdom Egypt, and also the tomb of Tutankhamen of New Kingdom Egypt.

Consider the religious conception of afterlife for the ancient Egyptians. What

material preparations were necessary for the deceased in terms of tomb structure

and contents?

Address the following in your essay:

ï‚· Why did the dead need material goods and mummification?

ï‚· Consider how the differing tombs were designed to protect the deceased.

ï‚· What types of objects were buried with Tutankhamen’s mummy? Describe a few

items to convey the wealth and artistry of these objects.

Essay Writing Requirements:

1. Double-space

2. Two pages or 500+ words

3. Follow the APA style.

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