Case in Review health and medicine homework help

 I need some help to writing 4 dissection Q about topic and i need it writing in one short paragraph plz
1- This week you will discussing “Case in Review” from pages 38-39. Please read carefully and add your main thoughts and reply to the thoughts of your peers. 

This week please read the paragraph below on Common Muscle Imbalances. Please give me your take of what you have learned and how would you apply these concepts to CPT. Do you feel they are important? Why?

Muscle imbalances can result from changes in muscle length, strength, and neuromuscular activity, creating static and dynamic malalignment (Kisner & Colby, 2007; Sahrmann, 2002; Kendall, McCreary, Provance, Rodgers, & Romani, 2005). Muscles tend to have an effect on the joints they cross. Faulty alignment of the joints while standing or moving can have an effect throughout the kinetic chain. Factors such as poor posture, repetitive movement, immobilization, and even aging can affect the muscles surrounding a joint and lead to dysfunctional neuromuscular control and create malalignment, or incorrect alignment of the joints. Consequently, this can lead to altered joint actions, and eventually injury. When referring to muscle imbalances, it is important to distinguish between the terms overactive and underactive. The term overactive refers to the state of having disrupted neuromuscular recruitment patterns that lead a muscle to be more active during a joint action. Conversely, the term underactive refers to the state of having disrupted neuromuscular recruitment patterns that lead a muscle to be less active during a joint action. In general, an overactive muscle is considered as being shortened, tight, and strong. A muscle is generally considered underactive when it is lengthened and weak. However, there may also be circumstances where these terms may not seem to apply.

3- This week the discussion will be over the “Integrated Muscular System”. Please read pages 104-108 and give me your interpretation of these 6 muscular systems.

4- Read pages 145-148, the reading that has to do with “Protein”. Review the structure, function, recommendation intake, and sources.

there is more 6 pitchers i well pos it 

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