can you help me with this discussion please 5

For our final discussion in ENG 102, I’m asking you to think back on the poetry we have read during the second half of the semester and comment on your reactions. Consider answering one or more of the following questions (you do not need to answer all of these questions):

  • What have you personally enjoyed about these poems? Does one poem stand out to you as being particularly enjoyable or memorable? Are there memorable lines or images from any of the poems that we’ve read?
  • Has pairing poems that connect to different social issues with articles and other information about those issues helped you better understand or connect with the poems we’ve read? If so, share an example.
  • After reading some poems that have clear connections to specific social issues, do you find that you enjoy these sorts of poems more than others? Or do you prefer poetry about more personal or abstract subjects like love or relationships?
  • Thinking a little bit more broadly as we approach the summer, are you looking forward to reading anything for fun–either fiction, poetry, or nonfiction? Or do you have a reading recommendation for your classmates?
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