assignment b1

The focus of this two-part assignment will involve identifying a potential research topic. You will use NCU library databases to assist in the identification of potential research interests.

Step 1: Based on your degree program (Ed.D. or Ph.D.), identify and summarize three general potential interests to study. Focus on identifying broad areas of interest leading to a potential research topic. For example, broad research topics might involve effective leadership styles among principals within successful low-income schools; or, best-practice teaching for special education students within inclusionary classrooms.

Step 2: After the identification and description of the three broad potential research topics, determine search terms/key words to be used in various databases (e.g., EBSCOhost, ERIC, ProQuest) to identify and review for each topic. The NCU library contains many helpful resources to aid the research process.

Compile both steps into a single document where you list the three topics you are interested in researching and the key terms you used to explore the library databases.

Length: 1-2 pages, not including title and reference pages

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