article response 20

In “Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover,” examines the problem of ending a romantic relationship via text. According to her research, there are different norms and expectations when it comes to handling this delicate situation. She introduces three concepts that are relevant to this scenario: 1) media ideologies, 2) second-order information, and 3) idioms of practice. In the New York Times article, “When Your Punctuation Says It All (!)” Jessica Bennett discusses changing norms and expectations with regard to texting.

In this response (minimum 500 words), please address the following questions:

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  • How is breaking up by text different from breaking up in person, according to Gershon’s analysis? Give specific examples to illustrate the contrast.
  • How do Gershon’s three concepts – media ideologies, second-order information, and idioms of practice — apply to the punctuation scenarios presented in Jessica Bennett’s “When Your Punctuation Says It All (!)”? Give specific examples to illustrate the concepts.
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