art design 1

part 1

Look at three pictures and write three discussions based on answer every question.

Each discussion should around 200 words.

Do not use any source from internet, do not plagiarism

1. Why do artist’s change their style as they move through their career?

2.Image is a term with many meanings. Why is it possible to use it for many aspects of a work?

3.Are you more familiar with non-representational or representational art work? Do you have a preference?

part 2

choose two pictures from internet and write a blog, two blogs for two pictures, each one should around 100 words

read this choose your pictures: Style is the big art term and concept in this weeks reading. You also have the classifications of representational and non-representational, there are other words that can be substituted for these, first learn these two and their distinctions and practice using them in preparation for your essay assignments. The words: line, mark and painterly are all unique to themselves, observe their distinct differences. Continue to find the images that resonate with you!

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