accounting discussion forum

Absolutely no plagiarism, must be original and very thorough.

Supporting material: Attached

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This discussion provides you with an opportunity to share your own knowledge and to learn from your colleagues at the same time.

Question: For this week’s forum, please do the following:

1. Share with your colleagues how you calculated the impact of Magnet Beauty products’ two lease options. Show you calculations. (Article attached).

2. Pick one mini-exercise, exercise, or problem from the list below. This problem should be ones that you found to be challenging. Please do the problem and post your answer on the discussion forum. If you had trouble with the problem, tell your colleagues about the issue you had and ask them what they would have done. (The Exercise 3-2 begins on page 111).

List of Problems from Textbook: E3-2, E3-3, E3-4, E3-5, E3-5, P3-3, P3-5

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