a historical argument essay on abraham lincoln

1. Does Abraham Lincoln deserve the accolade “The Great Emancipator?” Say why/why not.

3-5 PAGES ESSAY. used hard evidence !!

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This question constitutes a controversial issue in the Civil War period. Your job is to be the historian, take a stance on the issue, and use historical evidence from ONLY SCHOLARLY SOURCES to substantiate your argument.

Historical evidence MUST BE in order to prove your thesis statement and your supporting arguments.

What matters for this paper is quality over quantity; the more relevant evidence you adduce, the more convincing the arguments.

The question requires content that can be derived partly ( The Civil War).

you may use quotes from Lincoln, but please avoid long selections—no more than 4 lines.

always contextualize their subject! meaning when you judge Lincoln in your essay, you may not judge him against 21 st century standards. To hold a historical subject against one’s own modern standards makes for very bad history. Therefore, when you examine Lincoln or cast your judgment on him, compare him to his peers and judge him against the standards of the 19 th century. This will make you sound like a professional and objective historian.

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