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Young adulthood is an important step in the developmental process of establishing one’s own identity. Developing relationships outside of the family such as new friendships and partnerships are a big step for they are making the conscious decision of their own on who they want to socialize with based of personality and personal preferences. If a young adult is having issues or struggling making new connections with others outside of the family it can lead to an isolated life that can develop into a sever phobia or increased anxiety being around others. According to a 2018 article it notes the importance of relationships for the reason of, “stable relationships with friends, families and partners are especially important for young people as they can influence physical health, promote self-esteem and a sense of belonging and assist in the development of problem solving and social skills” (Reach out, 2018).

One activity that can help young adults in developing close personal friendships and partnerships outside of family relationships is getting involved in a team sport either at school or outside of school. Those who tend to play a sport for example tend to have a close bond with every team member for they rely on each other in order to keep each other from not getting hurt or in strengthening their chances of winning. Even a young adult who feels as though they do not fit in with anyone in their own class will branch out when playing sports for it is students all of ages (grades 9-12). Team mates will also build up their relationship skills though various activities when learning that they have to rely on each other during the game eventually forming a personal relationship on and off the field.

As a developing professional I would recommend a few considerations for the young adult to follow if they are having a difficult time making friends left with feeling of isolations, feeling lonely or unsure of themselves. First I would recommend for them to express their emotions through various exercises such as writing down their emotions as well as looking into a mirror saying what they are feeling and then follow with words of encouragement. I would also recommend for the young adult and their parents to engage in activities that will promote a strong secure bond. Lastly, I would encourage the young adult to engage in some groups if it should be on-line or face to face groups such as an after school sport. It is important to build up a young adults self-esteem for it is the most important characteristic that can either give them confidence in themselves in order to take chances and step/ branch out into making new relationships or it can leave them with negative emotions that can leave them scared and isolated.


When it comes to making friendships and relationships in early adulthood, let’s face it—it’s not easy. When it comes to inviting someone into your life, you have to make sure that person won’t be destructive to your life, and lifestyle. More and more these days, people turn out to be what they don’t seem to be, and finding those people who will encourage you, lift you up, and support you—without abusing power—is getting very few and far between. According to Hawkins, Villagonzalo, Sanson, Toumbourou, Letcher, and Olsson (2012), more than three-quarters of mental disorder cases are found to manifest before 24 years old. Many people with mental disorders are around us on a daily basis, and you would never truly know. Beginning relationships and friendships could be harder on those with mental disorders. The transitions between family and beginning friendships is a large stepping stone to a good well-being. For anybody, being able to trust someone, having responsibilities, having empathy, and a good sense of emotional control can greatly increase the chances of bonds and connections (Hawkins, et. al., 2012). Engaging in physical activity shows enhanced health and can also give a person a way to interact with others, or de-stress. Engaging in things you like, could really give the opportunity for positive social interactions.

It has been found that physically active young adults, are more likely to continue being active and healthy, and show less experiences of cardiovascular disease and other illnesses later in life (Berk, 2018). People with the sense of isolation are less likely to get close to someone because they are scared to lose themselves, are more likely to be competitive instead of cooperative, are less likely to understand any differences, and can get easily threatened when they get close to someone (Berk, 2018). I would encourage them to reach out to their family members or loved ones, and share their feelings. Being able to reach out to the people they care about could decrease their sense of loneliness, and isolation. Having that extra support system, and actually talking to their family members, could provide a new sense of love and having people there. I would encourage my client to tell their loved ones their feelings, or write them a letter, to get their feelings across—leaving them less likely to feel as if their feelings don’t matter.

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