write a problem analysis

please help me write problem analysis about opioid drugs

and i give u all the files including my first draft (problem analysis draft.pdf). professor ‘s require and example of it (ProbelmAnalysisReport.pdf).

here is the comment of professor

“As you prepare to write your Problem Analysis report, be sure to review all of the sources on the opioid epidemic that I posted to the Canvas modules. In addition, you need to do further research and gather additional evidence and figures from authoritative sources to develop your report.

Here is a good New York Times article: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/29/health/purdue-opioids-oxycontin.html

The pharmaceutical giant Perdue Pharma downplayed the addictive properties of opioid drugs while aggressively marketing them to doctors, pharmacies, and patients.

In your Problem Analysis report, you will need to use evidence, facts, and figures from authoritative sources to report on the causes and consequences of the opioid epidemic. What did large pharmaceutical companies such as Purdue Pharma do? Why did doctors end up over-prescribing opioid drugs to so many patients? What conditions or circumstances led patients to seek treatment with these drugs in the first place? What role did “pill mills” or inappropriately regulated pharmacies play in making these drugs available to large populations? How is opioid addiction related to the growing abuse of illicit drugs such as herion and fentanyl? What are the physiological, mental, social, and economic consequences of the opioid epidemic? How does it affect individuals, families, communities, and businesses? How does the opioid epidemic affect different populations and people of different backgrounds? How much has the abuse of opioids increased in recent years? How much have overdoses due to opioids increased in recent years? What efforts have been made to address the problem, and how successful have they been? You already are beginning to answer some of these questions.

As you think ahead to the Proposal that you will write later in the term, on what aspect of the opioid epidemic will you focus? What part of the problem will you try to write a Proposal to solve? In your Proposal, develop a solution that you can implement with the support of a local partner in a local community.”

These assignment guidelines describe the objectives, work details, and submission requirements

for this assignment.

Assignment Overview and Objectives

Your Problem Analysis is a set of documents that (a) explains a specific, current

public health


that is significant, (b) identifies the audience affected by the problem, and (c) explains

the causes, consequences, and history of the problem. Later in the semester, you will write a

proposal to solve this problem, so you need to choose a problem that you can write a proposal to

solve, a problem that is not too broad, too speculative, or too complicated.


Effectively argue that a problem both exists and is significant to a specific audience, and

demonstrate that you understand the problem thoroughly. For your Problem Analysis report,


the opioid epidemic, the Flint water crisis, or health problems associated with

industrial agriculture

. Alternatively, you can seek approval from me to address another public

health problem that concerns you.

Assignment Details

Document types:

Memorandum: 100-300 words

Report: 900-1,200 words


Your cover memo should introduce the report to me by identifying your purpose and providing a

brief overview.


Your report is the primary content for this assignment. This document should present to your

intended proposal audience the following content.

Problem definition

. Define the problem. What is the scope of the problem? What is the impact,

and why is it important?

Problem history and evidence

. Prove to your audience that the problem is a problem. This

requires evidence of the problem itself as well as evidence of its impact. Using evidence, describe

the problem’s causes, consequences, and history. What past attempts (if any) were made to

solve the problem, and how successful were they? Whom does the problem affect, and how?

What negative consequences will result if the problem is not solved? Present your evidence in the

most appropriate form for that evidence (e.g., table, graph, photograph).


. Provide proper APA citations for all resources on which you draw. Use

complete and accurate in-text citations as well as complete and accurate bibliography entries in

the proper format.

You will not receive passing credit for your Problem Analysis assignment

if you do not provide complete and accurate documentation in the proper APA style.

General Content Development Guidelines

Conventions of Professional Documents

Keep the following guidelines in mind as you develop the report content.

Descriptive Headings and Section Overviews.

Each major section should be signaled by an

appropriate, descriptive heading, and begin with a section overview.

Appropriately labeled content features

. Any specific feature (e.g., table, graph, photograph)

should be identified by a figure number, title, and caption following the APA documentation style.

If the graph or table contains information from another source, be sure to identify the publication

information in the caption. Refer to the graphic by its figure number in your discussion.

Separate pagination

. Paginate your report. Your memo does not need page numbers.

Hints and Tips

This section provides you with specific guidance for how to make your project successful.

Although the advice may suggest things to do, it might also suggest things not to do.

Argue, persuade

Remember that you are presenting persuasive arguments in this report. You must demonstrate to

your audience that you understand the problem, that it is a problem, and that you understand how

to present appropriate evidence to support those arguments. Your audience may not perceive the

issue as an important problem that needs to be solved, so you must use evidence and arguments

to persuade them.

Use appropriate resources throughout

Consider carefully how resources can help you achieve your goals here. You must provide

evidence to support your argument that this problem exists. But how else might source materials

help you? Too often students assume that problems are self-evident, and fail in that essential

step of supporting their arguments. Consider using any relevant print sources, online sources,

public documents, government records, and observations as well as interviews with

knowledgeable authorities. Evaluate your sources to make sure that they are using accurate,

authoritative, and reliable evidence. Examine your sources for bias, misrepresentations, and

logical fallacies.

Follow proper conventions

Use complete sentences and fully developed paragraphs for the body text of your report. Follow

the proper conventions of Standard English spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Use effective

transitions, topic sentences, and headings to structure your paper and to make it accessible. Use

a sans serif font for your title and first-level headings. Be sure to revise and edit your work before

you submit it. Be sure to label your report with your name. Use page numbers and an appropriate

footer for your report.

Assignment Submission Requirements

Follow these submission guidelines carefully. Label your project file properly. Include your first

name and the assignment title in the filename. Submit your assignment as a .pdf file using the

Assignments tool in Canvas.

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