write 800 1000 words about rocky horror picture show

WATCH the film and write about it with a deeper understanding. Write a 800-1000 word response. Use the following guiding questions and any other themes and topics focused on in lecture.

Who is being represented? How are they being represented? Who is being obscured or forgotten? Who is the intended audience? How do these performances fall into or challenge stereotypes and established tropes?

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Make connections between the film and other course material. One film that we watched that could have a connection with Rocky Horror Picture Show is Monster, 2003. In monster, the prostitute was a straight woman who fell in love with a lesbian women and then that lesbian women betrays her. Rocky Horror Picture Show, you will see that the couple who entered that mysterious house were straight but they both had sex with a male and they both cheated on each other. Furthermore, Rocky Horror Picture Show presents this topic in a comedy way, whereas Monster present it in a very realistic and painful way. Discuss the films in relation to compulsory heterosexuality, camp, intersectionality, gender binary, queer temporality, and/or disidentification.

PLEASE ONLY DO THIS IF YOURE GOING TO GIVE IT 100%, the professor is a very tough grader. I will request a refund if i see you BS the whole thing.

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