word processing recommendation 1

You are an IT manager for a small company. When the company started, employees were allowed to purchase and set up their own systems. The result was that most employees used PCs with Microsoft® Windows®. However, there are a few Mac users and one Linux user.

You are tasked with finding a word processing application that will work for all operating systems and enable employees to easily share documents no matter their choice of OS.

Create a recommendation that includes the following information:

  • The key differences in each operating system and the effect that has on the selection of a compatible application
  • Your recommendation and the reasons supporting it
  • Unique challenges that will occur for each of these systems when installing the new app

Document your recommendation using one of the following options:

  • A 1- to 2-page Microsoft® Word document
  • A 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker note
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