what principles can be used to identify if a team is ineffective or dysfunctional

Acknowledging the contributions of team members is essential to a team’s success. As discussed in the reading this week, there is a difference between a leader and a supervisor, specifically in terms of how they manage teams.

Given that leaders play a major role in the success or failure of a team, assume that you are a leader within an organization in which one of the workplace teams is experiencing significant communication issues. Describe the following information:

  • What principles can be used to identify if a team is ineffective or dysfunctional, or simply is not meeting its objectives?
  • Secondly, research an organization that is renowned for the team-oriented culture/atmosphere that they have created. Discuss two or three strategies or tactics you would propose adopting from that organization to assist other organizations that are challenged with teams underperforming or individual team members simply unable or unwilling to work collaboratively with others in their team.
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