week 7 assignment essay management principles applied to sport management

Review the assigned readings within SPHE400 textbook (especially Chapter Two – “Management Principles Applied to Sport Management”).

You are the President of an athletic organization. This organization can be hypothetical.

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Compose an essay, which can educate a group of interns working for your athletic organization.

For this assignment, please write a four to five (4 to 5) page essay in third person voice (avoid counting the title or reference pages within the paper’s length requirement).

Your essay should include:

I. Introduction; (make certain to identify your athletic organization – this organization can be hypothetical).

II. Explain the importance of each functional area (i.e., planning, organizing, leading, and evaluating) associated with your athletic organization (review SPHE400 textbook – Chapter Two – “Management Principles Applied to Sport Management”). Once again, the information presented can address a hypothetical organization.

III. Discuss two (2) key skills (as identified within SPHE400 textbook – Chapter Two – “Management Principles Applied to Sport Management”) which are vital for your employees to demonstrate within the work environment to accomplish organizational goals.

IV. Concluding summary.

Please clearly identify each of the aforementioned sections (see above — I, II, III, and IV) in your final essay. Your essay must include at least three (3) references. Use the APUS Online Library, the Internet, your textbook as well as sports and exercise journals as possible sources for information. These literary sources need to be cited in the body of your essay and included as references (i.e., review APA format).

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