Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment

Before you begin the assignment this week, carefully read over the Capstone Project instructions located in Week Five of the course under Capstone Project. Each assignment in Week One through Four will have you complete a shortened section of the project focused on the development of a sustainable community. This week, your assignment will be to construct Section 3 for the Capstone Project. You are to describe your plan in detail utilizing the knowledge gained throughout the program. Your assignment this week must contain the following section from the Capstone Project instructions:Section 3: Discussion of water supply and wastewater treatment (approximately three pages; at least four sources)This section should discuss how you will obtain water for your community and how you will deal with the wastewater in a sustainable manner.As part of your development plan for section three, you are required to discuss the following four topics:How you will ensure sustainability. This should include a discussion of how the plan is designed so the community is not significantly contributing to climate change.If applicable, what laws or regulations govern the various topics (for instance, the clean air act has strict regulations on power plant construction)? Additionally, you should note if an Environmental Impact Study (EIS) is needed for any of the plans.A significant discussion surrounding the economics of each section should be present. If your plan is too expensive, alternative options may be needed. Make sure that your plan is economically feasible.The ethics of your community plan should also be discussed for each section. How do ethical considerations play into your choices?Your assignment must be at least three double-spaced pages (excluding title and reference pages) in length and formatted according to APA style  You must use at least four scholarly and/or reputable resources to provide sufficient detail of the topics listed above and illustrate ample knowledge of the environmental studies field.ATTACHED IS THE FINAL PROJECT THAT THIS WILL BE A PART OF. READ IT SO YOU KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT!! ATTACHED IS THE GRADING RUBICS—READ IT IT TELLS YOU ALL THAT MUST BE INCLUDED IN THE ASSIGNMENT.YOU MUST FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS AND DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!!!! MAKE SURE TO USE THE CORRECT SHCOLARLY RESOURCES

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