use resources and good work

i was assigned the pro suffrage part for the debate which is women’s right to vote and u will be using the same docs i sent to u for the essay and NO other outside resources to debate ur stand for pro suffrage

These are the teacher’s instruction-You must read and use information from these primary sources, not from the internet or any other outside source. You may back up these arguments with evidence from your textbook, but you must use these primary sources to form your main argument. If you do not show sufficiently that you have read and used these sources, you will see that reflected in your grade. Using this information, you must write a 2 paragraph argument defending the stance you are assigned in the discussion.

These are questions from chapter 24

1) What were some of the factors that caused immigration to increase in the late 19th and Early 20th century?

2) On page 754 your book describes the scramble for Africa, this is a very important concept for future chapters. What was it and what complications did it cause?

3) According to your textbook, what were some criticisms of imperialism?

4) In what ways did Japan and China respond to western expansion?

5)Do you think the New Imperialism of the late nineteenth century goes along with enlightenment ideals or does it go against them? This is an opinion question so either answer would be correct as long as you support it with evidence from the book.

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