use proper grammar punctuation and spelling appropriate to an academic setting

Social Media can be a key part of marketing. Online communities and influencers can help sell, generate consumer loyalty, and response.

  • Find an example of marketing a brand or product where a social influencer has been used. (Read the chapter, these are different from spokespeople or characters.)
  • Discuss the influencer’s effect on the types of consumer loyalty generated.
  • Consumer generated media (CGM) has become a big part of selling and an influential voice. Tell how in this case, you see CGM presented, valued, and used by consumers and why marketers should care or include this in their planning.

Include One Citation from chapters 11 and 12 and One Citation from an outside source.

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Post at least ONE (1) well-written response to one of your classmates. Your entry should contribute something substantive to the discussion. Respond to a classmate who has no previous feedback, if possible.

Use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling appropriate to an academic setting.

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to understand learnings from chapters 9 – 12 as marketers adopt modern outreach tools into their planning and to discuss how the marketing principles we are learning about apply.


This assignment is worth up to 60 points extra credit towards your final course grade. 50 points for your original, well-written introduction and 10 points for a response post to one of your classmates, as outlined in the grading rubric below:

Discussion Post

Initial Post

Response Post

Is the post the correct length and is it written with good grammar and punctuation appropriate to an academic environment?



Does it follow the prompt instructions for subject matter?


It is written with thought, well-organized and polished, or just average at “checking the box” for requirements?






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