topic paper 3

Topic 1

  1. Neal Postman calls American television a “medium” that creates a “social and intellectual environment” that “attacks” “literate culture” because it “requires minimal skills to comprehend it, and is largely aimed at emotional gratification” (84, 86).What do you think?
  1. Postman claims that by presenting “all subject matter” as “entertaining,” American television “has made entertainment itself the natural format for the representation of all experience” (87).What do you think?
  1. Please make a list of popular concerns often expressed about technologies like the internet, comic books and video games and identify points of overlap and distinction.
  1. Can you come up with an example of how television has served as a rule-breaking tool for you?

Topic 2

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  1. What do you think about Hirsch & Newcomb’s ’s claim that television serves as a “cultural forum”? How does “Betty, Girl Engineer” raise questions that encourage civic discussion? How does it close them down?
  1. How will different viewers walk away from “Betty, Girl Engineer” with different interpretations?
  1. Has the explosion of channels and platforms, along with the ability to time shift content altered television’s possible role as a cultural forum?
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