topic 3 dq 1 3

Please write a paragraph with your opinion based on the text bellow. Please include citations and references in case you need to used for the question.

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The media can provide a negative image of nursing by portraying a nurse as an individual who lacks the education and training to deliver quality care. The news likes to focus on nurses that have made a fatal error resulting in death. Television can sometimes depict the nursing profession as made up of woman that only take orders from demanding male physicians or lack the competency to play a strong female role. Nurses have been shown to be drug addicted and unreliable for entertainment purposes. The media has exposed many of the negative aspects of nursing but in some cases, the light shines through.

Recently, the profession of Nursing was given recognition thru National Nurse’s Week which started May 6th and ended May 12th (Florence nightingales birthday). During this week, nurses were accepted as strong leaders of the community. The public was given the opportunity to distinguish the truth about nursing from the reality and fiction that surrounds this profession. The media provided a positive image of nursing which included respect and acknowledgement for all the hard work and progress the field of nursing has made. Nurses were admired and highly praised!

The only way to change the health care system is to proudly advocate as nurses. Nurses should educate the public on the role and scope of nursing as well as the changes that have helped further the advancement of the profession. When nurses stand up for our practice and advertise the important roles we play in the health care system the public will be better equipped to make an informed decision on the skill level and patience that is required daily to serve the public in a beneficial way.

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