topic 1 dq2 paragraph 6

Please write a Paragraph answering to this discussion below with your opinion. Please include citations and references in case of another source.

Educational programs are designed around patients by health providers. When providers are creating educational plan for the patients, taken into considerations are the patient, their ailment and prognosis, their caregiver if one is necessary. In essence, the patient’s willingness to learn and their ability to learn is the most important aspect that needs to be assessed when creating an educational program. However, it does not matter how personalized an educational plan of care is if the patient is not willing to learn, the training will never be comprehended by the patient. Most times patients may hear you and the information but don’t care enough to retain the information.

Understanding the patient’s level of education is very important. Assumptions should never be made. Flexibility and customizing education programs are needed in order to support a diverse population. The diversity in population can be in education, values, health needs and preferences and interactions with providers, and resources. (AHQR 2010). An excellent example is myself. When I had a baby, as a nurse I was not given all the education needed because the belief of the nurses was that I already knew it all.

Another very important factor to take into consideration is if both caregivers and family members are involved in the educational plan of the patient, the educational plan should involve the patient, family member and caregiver together. Medical terminologies should not be used, there should be clear and simple communication. Healthcare providers should design educational programs to clearly articulate the objectives they are trying to meet and should take into consideration the patient’s needs. According to Kizlik, “well-written learning objectives are the heart of any lesson plan” when once the needs of the patient is clearly identified, their level of understanding should be assessed. For an effective educational program, patient and family members should be able to understand what is being taught by demonstrating and summarizing what was being taught and speak about the objectives that were met.

Nurses should make it a priority to ensure that personalized learning objectives is made clear in order to help the patient, family members and caregivers with the recovery process upon discharge from hospital.


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