topic 1 dq 1 2

Please write a paragraph with your opinion based on the text bellow. Please include citations and references in case you need to used for the question.

Nurses as a whole is the main educator, advocate, and resources in providing health awareness and outcome of patient’s well being. In the book, the theories provided lots of information on how nurses can encourage patient’s to make immediate changes on their lifestyles and behavior. First, gradual teaching, clear and concise information must reinforce for patient to make adjustment and changes into their lifestyle. For example, a patient diagnose with type II diabetes for the first time need patience and time to educate. Nurses need to provide clear and concise information based on patient’s level of understanding without using medical jargon. Nurses also need to make sure he or she has proper resources such as financial, support, and environment. Second, Preventative measurement such as up to date immunization. For instance, Pneumonia vaccine and shingles need to introduce to patient gradually with easily understandable information on why it is necessary?, what is the benefit?, What is the side effect?, and how long the effectiveness of the vaccine. All these information is necessary to be address when speaking and educating the patient. Third, nurses must advocate for our patient too when it comes to helping our patient make changes in their behavior permanently. An example, how can patient maintain their well being if there are no resources available such as financial, living condition, family support, and knowledge level and culture. We as a nurse has to do some investigation too by asking patient when there is no improvement on their health and help patient find resources. My final thought on this topic is for health care system to achieve immediate changes in patient’s behavior, hospitals, community, state, and federal need to fund the resources available for the patient’s in need of help. Finally, federal, state, and community need to help nurses too to pursue higher level of education by giving scholarships and grants.

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