To find ancient objects that depict myths Mythology Art Blog help

1. To find ancient objects that depict myths. These objects can be vases, paintings, mosaics, coins, etc.

2. The objects MUST be ancient. That is they need to have come into existence before 500 CE (500 AD).

3. When discussing your object, you should tell the members of your group a little about the physical object, and then about the myth it depicts. It isn’t enough that your object shows a Greek mythic character like one of the gods or heroes we’ve been discussing. The image needs to tell a story or part of a story.

4. USE museum websites (MET in NYC, MFA in Boston, British Museum in London, the Walters here in Baltimore) to help you find objects and decent information about them.

5. Do NOT replicate an object that your group has already seen and/or discussed. We want a wide range of objects in the blog when we are finished.

6. Remember to cite your sources at the end of the blog.

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