Thinking about Roles and Leadership communications homework help

Thinking about Roles and Leadership

This week we looked at leadership. Often, we think of the person who is the “Leader” is somebody who has been given that position. In actuality, quite often, leaders emerge from the group, and leadership can change throughout a project. Once you understand the roles of leadership, you will be able to identify who the leader(s) might be in a group.

Leadership is indicated through various roles people assume.

As your text states, there are three main roles that must be played in a group. They are:

  • Task Roles
  • Maintenance Roles
  • Procedural Roles

Based upon those roles, what can you say about leadership in your group. While probably nobody was assigned the leadership role, I am sure, if you look at the above, and what your text says, you can identify specific leaders in your group. Please discuss the leader(s) in your group, and how you would identify them regarding the role(s) they played. Be specific.

Once you have completed this part of the discussion, please look at the following:

There are three styles of leadership you should understand. They are:

  • Democratic
  • Laissez-faire
  • Authoritarian

Tell us, specifically how these leadership styles relate to those persons, or person, you felt played a leadership role.

Remember to support your assertions by citing and referencing your text.

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