theatre project

Open a doc to email to me and title: Design Project

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Be sure that your name is on the document that I open

1. List the following:

title of play

theme statement

the central conflict

overall “tone” and mood of the play

selected “style” for the play (think how you would describe this)

2. Add a picture of your costume rendering to the document. Give your written connections,

explanations, symbolic connections, etc. regarding the character and the costume. Remember to

use costume elements and character traits, relationship, etc.

3. Add a picture of your set rendering to the document. Give your written connections,

explanations, symbolic connections, etc. regarding the set, the characters, the mood, the style,

theme connections, etc.

4. If doing sound, give links to each sound chosen. (If you are using 10 seconds of a song, for

example, give the time-set in the song — for example: 00.50 – 00.60) Explain why, in what way

each sound is important to your chosen specific moment in the play. Remember to make

connections. Remember elements to sound design and think of the characters, action and mood.

5. If doing lighting, explain the lighting moments in the play and carefully and meaningfully

describe the lighting. Remember to make connections. Remember the elements for lighting

design, and think of mood, theme, symbolism, characters, action, emotional thrust, etc.

6. If doing prop/sound/light: Paste the picture of the prop chosen. Explain which character is

using it, why this prop is important to the character, and when/why it is important to use. Make

connections. See 4 and 5 above for your one important moment of combined lighting and sound.

Review Design Project Guidelines


Review “Examples of Design Connections”

Review “Theater Design Elements”

Be sure that details illuminate the connections and symbolism

that you have determined.

Have fun with design ideas! Play with ideas!

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