team project on mid level leadership of the organization development network quot look for robert f quot

Organization Development Network Conference on Leadership. The Power Point Team presentation should combined findings on your change mastery at mid-level leadership. Your presentation should cover leadership theory, summary findings from leader interviews and recommendations from leaders of the twenty-first century. Power Point Slides should be 10-14. Power Point should include the following: Fully explains a relevant leadership theory using a unique graphic or verbal metaphor, Effectively summarizes the findings from the interviews in such a way as to directly illustrate general themes and best practices, Provides recommendations for enhancing leadership mastery at a specific level of leadership and provides evidence to support those recommendations, and Describes and analyzes the relevance of the concepts from New Business Realities and The Thinking Habits and applies them directly to the interview findings. Team A by Michelle Brown, Lyndsey Kuiper, David Hallman. I will upload a zip file to get information from the other teammate once bid

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