systems project management

Assume that you are in charge of managing the network of Oman Fiber Company. As the company operates on different regions in the country, you are given in charge of creating a site-to-site VPN connection to manage remote access in order for effective management of the company. The company also deals with customer private data and crucial reports of ministries in the country. The goal of this project is to deploy Site-to-Site VPN Connection for Remote Access to all Branch Offices and Implement Secure Networking Solution& connectivity using MPLS to safeguard the network and connectivity. This project is very crucial for the company’s mission to enhance customer satisfaction and provide conducive work environment for its staff.

1- Executive summary ( Problem Definition /scope/project benefits )

2-Non Functional requirements

3-Project schedule (show predecessors and duration of activities include Gantt chart & Network Analysis Diagram- using MS Project)

4- Risk assessment plan (minimum six).

5- Costing Plan/Estimation plan (should include all types of overheads)

6- Project monitoring and controlling strategy

7- Acceptance plan (this should include the criteria which will be used by the management to check project completion and implementation)

8- Brief analysis on the social relevance of the project and future enhancements in-line with the organization.

* 0 % similarity

*references and citation is required( Article. Books and conference paper)

* total page of assignment is 15

* kindly use the easy language.

*harvard style referencing

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